Our Mission

Present the Gospel to the surrounding community through study of the Bible and martial arts.

Our Creed

Learn to do well; seek judgement, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

Isaiah 1:17

CMAF Schools

David’s Warriors

  • Sponsor: Congregational Church of Bancroft [directions]
  • Chief Instructor: Pastor Todd Evans
  • Contact: todde97@gmail.com
  • Style: Cha Yun-do

Pastor Evans is assisted by his wife Amber and two daughters who all hold Black Belts in Cha Yun-do.

Eagle Corps Karate

  • Host: Canaan Baptist Church [directions]
  • Chief Instructor: Pastor Andrew Grosjean
  • Contact: petratruthsayer@yahoo.com
  • Style: Cha Yun-do

Pastor Grosjean is assisted by his wife, Glenda, a Black Belt and several of their children, all of which having rankings in Cha Yun-do, several also holding the rank of Black Belt.

Shield of Faith Schools

  • Shield of Faith (Troy)
    • Sponsor: Faith Lutheran Church of Troy [directions]
    • Chief Instructor: Mrs. Holland
    • Contact: sofkarate.com
    • Style: Cha Yun-do

Mrs. Holland is assisted by Steve and Farah Sargent, and is the Master Instructor for the Shield of Faith Schools.

  • Shield of Faith (Berkley)
    • Sponsor: Berkley Community Church [directions]
    • Instructor: Mr. Chris Dow
    • Contact: sofkarate.com
    • Style: Cha Yun-do

Mr. Dow is assisted by his daughter, Jaden, who also holds the rank of 1st degree Black Belt.