Statement of Faith

We believe

  1. In one God who is our Lord, eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit, each being an equal part of the Godhead.
  2. Man was created in the image of God; that he sinned, and thereby incurred not only physical death, but also that spiritual death which is separation from God.
  3. Jesus Christ was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of a Virgin, and is true God and true man; that Jesus is divine before, during and after all times of his earthy existence.
  4. Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, being incapable of sin; that he died for our sins, according to the Scriptures; that he is substitutionary sacrifice for the sins of the world; that all who believe in Him are justified on the grounds of His shed blood.
  5. In the resurrection of the crucified Jesus Christ; in His ascension into heaven and His presence there for us as High Priest and Advocate.
  6. All of mankind is born with a sin nature; that the sin nature will manifest itself, through thought, word and deed, in the process of time with the development of each man’s knowledge of sin. Man’s only hope is regeneration by the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ.
  7. All who receive by faith the Lord Jesus Christ are born again, immediately indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and thereby become children of God; that repentance, turning from sin, is a necessary part of salvation and begins upon recognition of one’s state before God and acceptance of Christ as personal savior; that salvation is evidenced in the life of the believer.
  8. In the ministry of the Holy Spirit, that He brings the offer of eternal life to the unbeliever; indwells the believer, enabling him to pursue a godly life.
  9. In a final judgement whereby those justified by the grace of God through faith in the works of Jesus Christ, both Old and New Testament saints, are destined for a blessed eternity; that the unjust, non-believers are destined to suffer eternal damnation by the justice of God.